Comprehensive Science 

     As primitive man looked out over the horizon, he struggled to understand what he observed.  He soon discovered that understanding the natural world was the key to his survival and for the next few thousand years, man attempted to connect with the stars and Earth's role in the cosmos  .  Man would eventually realise that in order to understand who we are, we must first discover where we came from and it is here where our journey through time begins.  

      Planet Earth is over 4.5 billion years old and is the product of a profound event that we are still working hard to understand.  Our position in the solar system and the relationship between the stars, planets and galaxies has intrigued scientists, mathematicians, and philosophers for centuries.  

     The Comprehensive Science (CS) Program  begins with a focus on the history of Earth and those forces that has helped shape and support life as it stands today.  We will begin our exploration with the Big Bang Theory and examine a variety of celestial bodies that comprise our universe.  We will interview some of the individuals whose discoveries provided the groundwork for our understanding of how the Earth was formed and its relationship to other occupants of our solar system.  We will take a close look at how life began and how it struggled to adapt to an ever changing environment. The  CS Program introduces a variety of special topics and project based learning activities often presented in a multi disciplinary instructional format.  This is accomplished through a growing assortment of  ground breaking discoveries, featured articles, cutting edge videos and hands-on activities.   

     A comprehensive course syllabus for the 2019-2020 school year  is  accessible through the link below.  Welcome to our world!

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