Marine Research/STEM 

      To stand at the edge of an ocean is to face an eternity of waves and water, a shroud covering seven-tenths of the Earth.  Hidden below are mountain ranges and canyons that rival anything on land. There you will find the Earth's largest habitat, home to billions of plants and animals – the vast majority of the living things on the planet.

     In this little-seen world, swirling super-highway currents move warm water thousands of miles north and south from the tropics to cooler latitudes, while cold water pumps from the poles to warmer climes.    It is a system that we take for granted as much as we do the circulation of our own blood. It substantially regulates the Earth's temperature, and it has been mitigating the recent spike in atmospheric temperatures, soaking up much of human-generated heat and carbon dioxide. Without these ocean gyres to moderate temperatures, the Earth would be uninhabitable.

     The Marine Research/STEM Program  focuses on a marine biology/oceanography curriculum and is designed to complement and reinforce the current middle and high school science programs.  The Marine Research Program introduces a variety of special topics and project based learning activities often presented in a multi disciplinary instructional format.  This is accomplished through a growing assortment of  ground breaking discoveries, featured articles, cutting edge videos and hands-on activities.   

     A comprehensive course summary as well as the individual program pages for Grades 6-8  are accessible through the links below.  Welcome to our world!

Course Summary
The Origins of Life
The Plastic Ocean
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