The R2D2 Build Cont'd.

     Assembly of our droid is really starting to take shape especially with the construction of the main body panels and the electronics such as the proximity sensors that go inside.  The dome and legs are finished but now we need to focus on the metal frame that will secure all of these main components together.  Here goes...

   The Frame
The base and mid section of the frame consists of a number of stamped metal pieces that are screwed together using 6mm machine screws.  Spacers are add in the Issue 73 followed by the mid section of the frame in Issue 75.   Assembly is really quite easy as we begin to really appreciate the size and design of our droid.​​
           We start with the bottom frame bracket that acts as the base for torso's frame.    Two rings are added using chrome spacers and sheet metal screws to secure them.  

     Assembly of the frame starts from the bottom bracket and worked our way up .  Below right we have added the sensor to the main frame assembly.

   The Frame cont'd
  In Issues 86 through 89 we are almost finished with the assembly of R2's main body frame.  One important feature that was added were the shoulder joints as seen in the picture above right.  These white metal components will provide the anchor support for R2's legs.

   The Frame has legs!
  In Issues 89 through 91 focus on preparing the legs for securing to the main body chassis.  The bottom shell or skin has been screwed to the chassis and the wire looms are bundled on both the right and left legs.  Finally, the center foot is assembled and is secured to the bottom of the chassis using four countersunk screws.  Both legs are firmly secured to the shoulder mounts after feeding the wire looms through the shoulders.  

   The front and rear body panels
  There is a lot going on in the pictures above.  The front and rear body panels have been assembled including the tool compartments, arm assemblies and function switches.  Pictured to the right, we have installed the control module for the main body as well as the battery box mount which slides underneath.  The lithium batteries will not be added until the very last step and after all of the requisite cables have been installed.  The next step is to install the front body panel and connect each of the cables from the infrared sensors and R2's arms.  

  After two years of completing each monthly installment one at a time we have finally finished assembly of R2.  It is truly an impressive kit and you really can't appreciate its size until you witness it firsthand.  The last step is to install the lithium batteries and run a system check.  R2 is capable of operating autonomously or by using an iPad or smartphone but there are a number of system functions that have to be checked out before we cut him loose.  

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