The Dome and Frame come together!

     At this point in our build we have finished assembly of the R2's dome framework which includes all of the plastic "windows", metal chassis and mounting brackets for LED diagnostics, the microphone, projector etc.   During installments 61-64 we are focusing on securing the dome frame with the brushed aluminum dome skin or outer shell.  This is an exciting part of the build as we begin to really see the size and detail of the R2D2 droid.

  The Head Frame and Injector Mechanism Test
        Assembly of the internal frame for the dome is essentially complete.  In issues 58-61 we perform a test of the ejector motors on the lightsaber ejector mechanism.  Everything went well as the upward and downward movement of the motor performed flawlessly.  The next step is in the installation of the ejector door as seen in the picture below.  This door opens on a metal hinge secured to the chassis.  More on this detail later.​​

       In issues 61-64 we are well into the assembly of R2's brushed aluminum dome.  This is an impressive piece and each individual dome panel is secured from the inside of the dome using double sided tape.  We are also installing the microphone located on the upper left portion of R2's dome in the middle picture as well as the 3D projector as seen in the center of the same picture.  We have also installed the LED logic display, the LCD screen and the red/blue display LED too.  During Issue 64, we secure the outer dome to the internal frame using the six threaded screws at the top of the dome/frame.  At this point it is important to test the movement of the ejector door to make sure that it will open and close without interference.  We discovered that ours was not opening properly.

  Installation of the Projector and Light Saber Ejector
        Installation of the project assembly is fairly straightforward beginning with the mounting bracket which is secured to one of the metal rings using machine screws.  The projector itself is then mounted to the bracket making sure that the projector lens and retaining bezel are properly centered.

  Completion of the dome wiring
        In Issue 77, several key components inside the dome are finally wired to the central control board.  The ejector tube assembly has been installed and connected to the control board as seen in the picture below.

 The d ome motor and circuit board
        In Issue  98 and 99 we installed the video camera, lens, dome motor circuit board AND the dome motor.  At this point, the battery pack and control modules have been installed in the main body.  Labeling and connecting the wire cables was no easy feat and took an entire afternoon. 
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