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     Developing and presenting a Science Fair Project can be a rewarding yet daunting task.  One of the most challenging aspects of this event is selecting the best topic.  Many students may already know what their choice of topic will be but are having difficulty developing the appropriate experiment or they are not sure how to properly format their presentation boards for example.  The list goes on and the good news is that we are here to help.

     This page has been developed to provide students with additional support as they complete each step of the science fair process.  The hope is to provide useful links for suggested science fair topics, informative guidelines on how to construct and present your project as well as important information regarding required documents and project deadlines.  This page will be updated periodically so please check in as often as possible.

Science Fair Topic Links:

All Science Fair Projects    Hundreds of topics from astronomy to zoology for all grade levels.

Science Buddies   Online support with ideas on how to pick a topic, control and identify variables and preparing your project board.

 I.  Science Fair Topic Selection:

     Okay, now that you have discovered an interesting topic, you must submit your choice on the form found at the link below.  Follow the simple instructions and complete each entry on the form.  

Polo Park Science Fair Information Sheet for 2019-2020  This is THE Science Fair Handbook


                              Science Fair Project Deadlines:

                     September 13, 2019:                                  Topics are due
                     September 18, 2019:                                  Hypothesis are due for 7A

                     September 19, 2019:                                  Hypothesis are due for 7R
                     September 23, 2019:                                  Experiment descript,  identify variables, materials
                     September 24, 2019:                                  Experiment Procedures

                     October 4, 2019:                                         Abstract drafts are due
                     October 14, 2019:                                       Experiments are complete!
                     October 14-18, 2019:                                 Work on project boards, conclusion and discussion
                     October 21, 2019:                                       Project Boards are due

                     November 1, 2019:                                    District paperwork due*


II.  How to Write Your Hypothesis:

     Follow the links to learn more about how to use the Scientific Method, write your Hypothesis and design your Experiment.  Your journey should start by clicking on the links below in order:  

1)  Writing your Hypothesis:

II.  How to Design your Experiment:

​2)  Experimental Design in Science:

​​3)  Designing a Controlled Experiment:               

4)  What kind of Data will you collect?:

     Once you have watched the three videos in Steps 2, 3 & 4 you are ready to submit your hypothesis, experiment design description and step by step procedures.  You must also include those materials that will be needed in order to complete your experiment.  Click on the "Worksheet" button to begin.

5)  Science Fair Worksheet:       

III.  How to Write an Abstract: 

     Meet last year's Science Fair winners!
Victor and Boris took First Place with their Human Reanimation Project.  This talented duo really went the extra mile while adding both excitement and bone chilling terror into their project. Regrettably, their test subject escaped from the convention hall and was last seen heading towards a local elementary school.  

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