The Seaview Restoration Continues

  The Control Room...
       At this point we have cleaned up the aft stabilizers, removed the old "rudder" and will start replacing the stock horizontal and vertical rudders with new ones.  We removed the stock rudder located above the keel since it was obvious that it looked out of place due to fitment issues.  We are using Deboer vertical rudders for both thrust tubes and a pair of nicely cast resin units supplied by David. The horizontal  pair will be permanently installed while the vertical units will be functional.
       Pictured above left is the finished control room completed by David Merriman.  Our control room starts with the resin cast flooring, walls and front divider.  We used super glue and machine screws to secure the walls to the main floor.  

     Pictured below we have begun adding the hand rails to the flying sub as well as the white metal girders that frame the observation window in the control room.  The floor, walls and metal doors have been painted as well.
       Pictured above  is the finished control room with the rest of the steel beams installed along with several pieces of furniture etc.  Much of the detail along the walls will not be visible from outside of the sub which prompted the decision to spend as little time and effort on painting the control room furnishings and painting figurines etc.  We have text fit the control room inside the sub but will wait until the exterior has been sanded and painted and the observation "windows" has been installed.
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